Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Calia's Giveaway

Calia's doing a mini giveaway to celebrate her 30 followers, please join in and subscribe =D

MissCalia's giveaway

it ends on new year's eve

her basic rules.

1. Be a follower
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MissCalia's giveaway

Monday, December 28, 2009


Hi everyone,
I just recently started a blogstore, but its still in the works

(I'm still trying to figure a reasonable shipping fee for international and among other lovely things)

Meme's Blogshop

Please subscribe ^_^ so you know when is the opening date =)

these are just SOME of the examples of my work.

This first one is suppose to go into your hair bun, three flowers in total

The flowers are attached to a hair prong, but sadly its not strong enough to hold a bun.

Thanks for looking

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hello kitty bento and Happy Holidays

Hi everyone, hope everyone is enjoying their holiday, or Christmas. I prefer to say Holidays rather than Christmas, Because some people dont celebrate Christmas :)
I don't really have a realious belief but I do follow some wiccan rites. My parents are Lutherans, Jamieson is an Agnostic (someone who don't believe in anything or whether there is or are a god) I do however like the pretty lights of a xmas tree, so we have one, this year the tree color theme is gold, silver, red/maroonish.

made on 12/21/09

my first sad hello kitty bento, I haven't got a chance to go grocery shopping because of the weather(its a winter wonderland outside)
hello kitty and friends are made of rice (color dyed) and along with meatballs (ground beef, cilantro,red pepper flakes, red thai pepper, soysauce, oyster sauce, hoisen sauce, egg, and garlic salt)

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Sorry for not posting for the last couple weeks, I've been busy with work and school, it is finals week for me, and thankfully the last day of one of my class we are going to do a potluck.

I have been busying with making these flower hair clips on my spare time, time consuming but very fun.

This last white flower, is made from Habotai Silk fabric.
All flowers are handfolded by me.

Konpeito sugar snack.
You probably recognize these snack in "spirited Away" Directed by Hayao Miyazaki.
Chihiro threw these at the soots.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lazy Kitty and another bento

The life of a lazy kitty

Once Upon a little time
they grow up so fast =,)


strawberry cake with vanilla icing and tropical fruits of pineapple and papaya.

Orzo, cooked with butter, vegetables seasoned with black pepper. Terriyaki salmon (the rabbit sauce bottle carries more of our secret terriyaki sauce) <3

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Obento my bento

made on 11.9.09
In the top bento box are rasberries/slice of strawberry , next to them are tempura deep fried shrimp.
bottom bento box is pink rice in the shape of an heart <3 next to it is some sesame chicken

made on 11.19.09

This bento box carries, spicy basil shrimp w/onions. next to it is some extra brocolli from the stirfry, which purposly suppose to be trees for the pandas.

this box has stirfry vegetables with rice, and plain jasmine rice.

This one is my favorite, Strawberry cake with vanilla icing, and Hershey funsize.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I been Ebay shopping. I love getting pressies (Presents) through the mail ^_^ almost like I'm sending myself some love <3<3

1.Miss Rose Lasting Gloss Eyeshadow Palette

Very pigmented and shiny, comparable to the 120 palette.
$23.95 + free shipping.
Shipping was Fast, especially this item was in California, Unlike the 120 Palette that was from Hong Kong and took 2 grueling weeks.THANKFULLY The package was carefully bubble wrap, and as you can see, it came in one piece<3 all in all it was worth the 24 bucks.
to get yours click here---->here

2.Insiti eyeshadow Pencil(liner)
12 pencils but 24 colors
as you can see below, they are creamy and pigment.
First 6 pencils

Second 6 pencils

$18.99 + free shipping. (I bought mine for $15.99, apparently it looks like the seller inflated the price, but still worth the money)
Shipping was a pain, because it was one of those Hong Kong seller, so you can guess that the arrival date was 2 weeks.
Click here to get yours-------> Here

3. About a week ago, I decided to try out and buy some falsies from this one online store TheFalseEyelashstore
the falsies (in my view) is one notch better than Ardell and the other brands at Target and drugstores and cheaper in price.

I hate it when I can never curl those stubborn small lashes near my tearduct, So I also order this Point Curler.
This Curler is very neat, because you can curl one section of lash at a time, and especially those small lashes near the tear duct.

the Point Curler is also small to throw in your makeupbag, travel friendly <3<3

as you can see in the below photo, those are my most stubborn lashes ever.

anyways the eyeshadow was from the Rose Palette. here is another one

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Daituf's Giveaway

Daituf is doing 2 giveaway.
she won my first giveaway and of course i'll go join in the love

her rules are simple

1) Must be a follower (the golden rule of all blog giveaways :D)

2) Leave a comment (with either email or blog address, so I can contact you if you won)

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