Sunday, November 15, 2009


I been Ebay shopping. I love getting pressies (Presents) through the mail ^_^ almost like I'm sending myself some love <3<3

1.Miss Rose Lasting Gloss Eyeshadow Palette

Very pigmented and shiny, comparable to the 120 palette.
$23.95 + free shipping.
Shipping was Fast, especially this item was in California, Unlike the 120 Palette that was from Hong Kong and took 2 grueling weeks.THANKFULLY The package was carefully bubble wrap, and as you can see, it came in one piece<3 all in all it was worth the 24 bucks.
to get yours click here---->here

2.Insiti eyeshadow Pencil(liner)
12 pencils but 24 colors
as you can see below, they are creamy and pigment.
First 6 pencils

Second 6 pencils

$18.99 + free shipping. (I bought mine for $15.99, apparently it looks like the seller inflated the price, but still worth the money)
Shipping was a pain, because it was one of those Hong Kong seller, so you can guess that the arrival date was 2 weeks.
Click here to get yours-------> Here

3. About a week ago, I decided to try out and buy some falsies from this one online store TheFalseEyelashstore
the falsies (in my view) is one notch better than Ardell and the other brands at Target and drugstores and cheaper in price.

I hate it when I can never curl those stubborn small lashes near my tearduct, So I also order this Point Curler.
This Curler is very neat, because you can curl one section of lash at a time, and especially those small lashes near the tear duct.

the Point Curler is also small to throw in your makeupbag, travel friendly <3<3

as you can see in the below photo, those are my most stubborn lashes ever.

anyways the eyeshadow was from the Rose Palette. here is another one


Anonymous said...

I love fake eyelashes! But mine are all goopy from over use now :P

Aralka said...

very shiny colors! I fell in love in this palette. shadows look really nice on your eyes!

Daituf said...

Woooooo, these are the most interesting purchases I've seen! Never heard of that palette, but look at all the stunning colors!!!
The purple look soooooo gorgeous on you!
I have a friend who wants one of these palettes, I recommended coastal scents, but I'll tell her about this coz it looks much better!
Is the point curler from the the same store as the falsies?
These are some awesome sites you shared! Thanks!!!