Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hello kitty bento and Happy Holidays

Hi everyone, hope everyone is enjoying their holiday, or Christmas. I prefer to say Holidays rather than Christmas, Because some people dont celebrate Christmas :)
I don't really have a realious belief but I do follow some wiccan rites. My parents are Lutherans, Jamieson is an Agnostic (someone who don't believe in anything or whether there is or are a god) I do however like the pretty lights of a xmas tree, so we have one, this year the tree color theme is gold, silver, red/maroonish.

made on 12/21/09

my first sad hello kitty bento, I haven't got a chance to go grocery shopping because of the weather(its a winter wonderland outside)
hello kitty and friends are made of rice (color dyed) and along with meatballs (ground beef, cilantro,red pepper flakes, red thai pepper, soysauce, oyster sauce, hoisen sauce, egg, and garlic salt)


Edna said...

That is so cute :)

Swtest2Lips said...

omg, thats so cute!!!!!

Calia Yang said...

super love the bento!!! super cuteness girl!!! HAHAHAH THANK YOU SOOOOO SUPER MUCH for sharing that link!!! OMG!! I love them!!! i might have to get me some yo-yo makers!

HD said...

Aww, they're cute as Heck! And I'm with you on the religious belief part. I'm supposed to be Christian, but I sure don't celebrate it! Lol