Thursday, November 19, 2009

Obento my bento

made on 11.9.09
In the top bento box are rasberries/slice of strawberry , next to them are tempura deep fried shrimp.
bottom bento box is pink rice in the shape of an heart <3 next to it is some sesame chicken

made on 11.19.09

This bento box carries, spicy basil shrimp w/onions. next to it is some extra brocolli from the stirfry, which purposly suppose to be trees for the pandas.

this box has stirfry vegetables with rice, and plain jasmine rice.

This one is my favorite, Strawberry cake with vanilla icing, and Hershey funsize.


Aralka said...

so so so kawaii!
I love bentos ^^
Do you like this song? Suteki da ne? I love it! I can play it on the piano <3


tina said...

wow so good...where did you get them from? Are they korean food or what kind? Look expensive too..

Well, my mom got our puppies from her friend and they are pure breed pom pom puppies. I want to take them to live with us but choua won't let me take them yet.

leslielovesmakeup said...

im loving the food and ur kitten!