Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ways to make a small income

Now adays,the recession, economy is as sad as ever but
here is some small stuff to help you save more money Or bring in more money.
I have been looking for ways to make some small money just to justify my spending, such as I buy something, I'll make back the money I used. very effective, let me start... No Scams Believe me

1. Swagbucks
ever heard of Swagbucks? Well this is how it works. You accumulate points towards prizes. ways to accumulate points are by:
-Search as you normally do on Google but instead you use Swagbucks search engine, The results you get from searching are from Google and (I have won about 1 to 3 points almost ever 8 hours or so but easy win such as by searching up Hotmail rather than typing on the address box, I win about 1-3 a day) I had close to 200 before but I decided to splurge on winning a Xbox 360 on one of their sweepstakes.
- Whenever you need to shop you can go click through their website and they will auto track how much you had spent at that store. you get 1 point every 1 dollar you spend. Check out their stores also for faster ways of earning points.
There are so many ways to earn cool prizes, but one of my favorite is the $5 dollar Paypal US dollar, you can redeem about 70 swagbucks for 5 bucks in Paypal US dollars.

2. Coke-Cola rewards.
If you drink alot of coke or just know many people who drink bottle cokes alot, let em know you want the bottle cap. The bottle cap has those codes and are usually worth 3 points each cap, also alot of people are willing to give you the bottle cap, because its just garbage to em. but to me, its POINTS!!!! yes another system to earn points and to redeem for great prizes or join in the sweepstakes; such as Win a trip for 2 to Caribbean, and other great sweepstakes or prizes.

3. Ebay of course!
Nothing beats Ebay when trying to sell unwanted stuff, but get this, they are doing a promotion where you get to LIST 5 items for free (there is a final fee assest to your winning amount, if it exceeds $25 it has a bit higher percent) Good news is that you can get rid of those junk you dont wear or stuff cluttering your closet now. List 5 things for free PER 30 days.
I found a watch at work and the auction ended at $26! No Kidding here see my OLD AUCTION.

4. Cell Phone Clutter!!@!
I dont usually change my cell phone as much as some people do, but I had an old Tmobile sidekick 3 and somehow I stumble upon Gazelle.
What Gazelle is, You basically RECYCLE your old cell phone, and they pay you depending on its value in the market, I recycle my Tmobile sidekick 3 for $36 bucks, It was better than having it collect dust and lose its value, might as well Recycle it right? What is also great about this site is, your getting paid to recycle, they also PAY FOR SHIPPING! you can request for a box and shipping label for free. You can choose to get paid by check or paypal.

5. Books!@!@!
Took a couple of years off of College? or just had a bunch of old textbooks or even regular books that were publish in the year 2006+ Or best of all, you found some books and wish you knew what to do with them rather than throwing em away. you can sell em on Cash4Books! they will also do free shipping and you can get paid by check or paypal.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where the money went...

So according to, I spend about 50 % of my money on Groceries LOL.
NOT Restraunt charges, GROCERIES!!! ^_^

I LOVE TO EAT... end of post =)