Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gotta love them bronzer

Here are some of the useful things you can acheive with a bronzer

bronzer I used: Loreal Hip bronzer: Thriving

1. Bronzers are great for achieving those hollow, high cheekbones. self explanatory when applying the bronzers but just make sure you do the "Kissy fish face" when applying the bronzer to achieve better results.


2. A fuller Cleavage (Okay this one I AM THE WRONG PERSON TO DO THIS ON but I had no one else here at the momment)
This is a great way to gain a cup size or achieve a fuller sexy cleavage for a LADYS NIGHT OUT.


make sure you use a big slanted brush for this one.
Start applying bronzer from the inside of your cleavage, tracing the top half of your boob. Do this for both boobs. Much like a 'V' shape.

3. I caught this useful tip from Michele Phan on Youtube the other day by watching one of her video. Instead of undergoing plastic surgery of Rhinoplasty you can achieve a higher nose ridge just by applying bronzer [you can also use a darker shade of foundation for this look also]
Start out by applying your bronzer [or foundation] in the same pattern as I had indicted in the photo below. I highly suggest you use an eyeshadow brush to make your lines.
after that, take a brush and blend the bronzer, so it will look undectable.



btw it was a wig you can find some great fun wigs for holloween also at


Im tempted to highlight my hair, but I love my natural hair

Friday, October 16, 2009

Winner of my first giveaway

Thank you everyone who had participated in my first giveaway

and congrats Daituf

I wish I could've took a photo of the drawing bucket, but it was done at work

The drawing was done through cards in a bucket.

Thank You everyone <3

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo + more

I read in Lucky magazine awhile back and it had a review on a shampoo supposely 'shampoo of youth' for your hair. After 3 months into thinking about it because of the price tag ($140), I finally decided to buy it, and OMFG I love my hair, it feels so silky, You cant really tell the difference but you can feel the difference. this is my second time using the product and I been having people eyeballing me LOL...


Product Details
We call this the Fountain of Youth for hair: Our reconstructing shampoo rejuvenates and revitalizes all hair types, giving even chemically-damaged strands a dramatically youthful look, feel and radiance from the first use. The power-packed formula truly heals on all fronts: Eleven life-giving L-Amino acids at active strengths repair hair on a cellular level — quickly restoring its body, bounce and shine. An extraordinarily high dose of Panthenol (Vitamin B5) coupled with a catalyst, Phytantriol, sinks moisture deep into every strand. An artful, Russian-inspired blend of of Chamomile, Grape Seed, Rosemary, Nettle, Burdock and Sage infuses hair with emollients for a healthy gleam-from-within. Protective Silk, Wheat and Soy Proteins increase elasticity and tensile strength. And Shea Butter imparts a finishing touch of weightless hydration for beautiful, long-lasting bounce and resilience. Equally decadent: The tantalizing scent of PHILIP B® Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo channels the opulence of the Romanov dynasty, when the healing and calming properties of Amber Oil were treasured by a privileged few. Treat your hair like royalty — the Imperial way! -Philip B website

Pricing: Expensive ($140), but it looks like it might last long because of the size.

I decided to compare it to the NiniMonica Blush/face powder from one of my previous post.
nini monica compared to a quarter

The shampoo gives off a sweet spicy floral smell. the Lovin'Leave-in hair conditioner just compliments the shampoo also.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My First Giveaway

This will be my first giveaway! yay!

ends on 10/16/09

I thought I do a giveaway because of my previous post, I have alot of neglected makeup, and thought I give em away. All the items you see have been open but never been used, the e.s have been used once only to do the sad swatch below.

1. Victoria Secret Beauty Rush wet/dry shadow: Blueray
2. Victoria Secret Beauty Rush wet/dry shadow: Flower Girl
3.Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils
4.MAC Lipglass:C-Thru
5.MAC Mineralize Blush: Earth to Earth
6.TailaiMei Peacock Shadow and Blush pallete

-I may add more.

Here are the general/common rules:

1.Please post one thing you love about yourself and why. must be a follower and have a link post on your blog.

(I havent decided on how im going to do the drawing yet, but I was thinking about doing it the old traditional way of 'namecards in a hat drawing')

If more than one post, the other posting will be voided.





I know its some sad swatches of the peacock outer e.s but hopefully, you can make out whtat the colors may look like without flash.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Alot of money, and nothing to buy..

In the last couple of days or shall I say months, I been feeling like, "I Should buy something" but then I get that feeling as if, I have nothing in mind that I want =/
so I have been saving alot of money, but I REALLY REALLY WANT TO SPEND IT ON SOMETHING! but the problem is I dont know what I want to buy???
I've been feeling as if I've bought everything that I already wanted.

Cosmectics: When ever I go to Ulta,MAC,Sephora even drugstores too, I see a bunch of awesome makeup, but then I start feeling, Why do I want to buy more when I hardly even used up the ones at home. I should do a giveaway...

Clothes Shopping; I lost 10 lbs so far and I do find alot of cute clothes but then I feel like, blah, I have no special place to go with this outfit, because my schedule consist of work, school, and sleep. and When I do go out, I feel OVERLY DRESS O_o and feel like people eyeballing me and thinking "why is she so dress up? why is she dress up as if she is going to a concert?"

Shoes: I love shoes, but i guess as you get older, Comfort becomes more of your style such as tennishoes. I love heels, but this goes back to the 'no where to wear it to' so my heels collect dust, maybe I should sell em on ebay, they are still in great condition, but then I know I will miss em when they are gone.

Purses: Purses, I love em, but I have been feeling lazy to change over to a new purses, such as, If I had bought that cute small Gucci purse, then my cell phone wont fit, or I have to leave my makeup bag/planner at home. I also have a tendency to feel I should worn out the purse then buy a new one.

Electronics: I also love video games, Jamieson and I already own PS1,PS3, Xbox360, Wii, 4NDS, and 2 hd tv. (sigh) Im thinking about buying a PSP but I love my NDS, I love the touch screen, I like to poke at the screen and draw, So I know for a fact I'll neglect the PSP. and also I dont want to get absorb into a video game. im fine with my laptop, and my computer desk.

oh well, I guess I'll just save up for whenever I see a Sale or when ever i get that feeling of "I REALLY REALLY WANT THAT!!!!"