Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Pimples and Clean&Clear

Okay, So its getting into that time of the year, Beautiful Hot Summer, where you can bust out your cute clothes and show a little skin. But one thing that sort of hold you back is those summer pimples...
I recently started breaking out but only because its that time of the month (pms) but I recently picked out this awesome item from Target for about $5.50(it was on sale) I bought it cause the "100% of people in clinical testing showed improvements as early as one day" And it really worked!

Clean and Clear

the product helps reduce the size AND the redness
(i usually pick on my pimple xD its a habit,but after putting the stuff on, i forgot about the pimple, because the pimple stop being irrating and the redness around the pimple reduced)
upon applying the stuff on, it stings a little but it goes away in 1 sec. the stuff smells a little funny, but you know its working because somehow it soothe the pimple, because the pimple was not irrating me anymore. the stuff dont even dry my skin, but the stuff do get dry and i usually just wash it the next day.
This stuff works and Im going to use this stuff whenever i see those pesky pimple on my face!


tina said...

it so true..I don't know what is going on with my skin but I am breaking out here and there. I hate it... its so nasty... Maybe its the wealther or something...I used the Mary Kay pimple thingie that does similiar job like the clean and clear one that you got. Although I barely use it because I use a hmong one that my SIL give me and it works wonder..... I'll post picture to show you soon...