Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nini Monica Japanese Brand blush/face loose powder

I ordered this Japanese brand face powder/ blush


I bought the first one to the left, its for neutral skin tones.

In the photos it look so small, but i was surprise to see how big it was.
nini monica compared to a quarter

anyways the face powder comes with this very cute pom pom (see above photos) the powder is loose, sheer, reminds me of Bare Minerals face powder, but instead in different colors such as pink, purple, orange etc...
when used the powder feels very light, not cakey, smooth. the pink and orange adds a little flush tint.

this item makes a cute additional to your makeup collection, it cost me $8.95 free shipping
Not only can the above item can be found on Ebay she has other makeup brands from Korea or japan.

By the way, (go to site below)
has free standard shipping, No limited purchase needed, expires on the May 31 + get up to 3 free samples, you choose the samples.
I just ordered a Urban Decay Primer Potion for 17 dollars but free shipping, =)

Happy Shopping


tina said...

oh yeah that Hello Kitty photo album does have all those high school dayz Q studio photo of everyone that have given me Nice haul...I'm on a budget of no purchasing any makeup related but i cheat a little by buying some false lashes on ebay the other day which a week by now and it came today. But so far I'm doing so good on holding myself back. ahahaha