Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Naomi Kim's Purple e/s Contest

This will be my first contest, but honestly I just love the color purple, and I read in a magazine once, Purple is great for brown eyes.

I found this contest out from Tina's blog lol

This is Naomi's blog, incase you want the WHOLE 411 on the contest info

this is her rules:

1. You have to be my follower.
2. You have to have a blog.
3. Take a picture of products you used and list them.
4. Take three pictures of your final look, one looking down so I can see your eye makeup, one looking straight, another one with whatever pose/face you If you are inspired by something or someone, please send me the inspiration picture as well.
5. Post your entry on your blog and send it to me via e-mail( When you e-mail me, please include your blog URL so I know who you are.
6. The dead line is 2weeks from now. (5/25)

So the first photo is suppose to be looking at the camera
the second photo is to be looking down
the third photo is my pick
here is another fun one xD

Excuse my overgrown eyebrow, im letting them grow so i can create a new shape


Here is the easy to find and cheap items that i used:
-for the eyes:
Manly 120 e/s (see other photo for the e/s i used)
Avon slanted eyeliner Smoky Navy
Max Factor Volume Control mascara
Trim Heated eye lash curler
Mac soft ochre paint pot
Rounded shadow brush
All over shadow brush
e/s sponge brush

-for face:
Revlon Golden Affair Merlot at midnight
Mary Kay Sweet Nector

Avon eye makeup remover lotion
cosmectic applicator swabs

the e/s i used from the Manly 120 pallete
<3 Thanks for looking <3


tina said...

this look very brighten you up...cute... you're lucky to have checkbone that shows pretty