Saturday, March 6, 2010

Law and Order

For the last couple of months, every time I turn on the tv, Law and Order is/will be the only thing I watch on Tv, besides rerun of Family Guy.
The only Law and Order I like is the Special Victim Unit and the Criminal Intent, with these cast crew below, any other one I usually lack interest.

Special Victim Unit

Criminal Intent

You will learn alot from this show plus peak your interest in Criminal Justice.

I really want to be in an episode, or at least a dead body or a prostitute LOL I really love that show.

What is your favorite show? favorite show that you cannot miss?


Anonymous said...

I like this show! But I always miss it on tv tho :S

OMG! I watched Absolute Boyfriend!! I can't believe it forgot to add it to my favorites list!! I LOVE THAT ONE!! (>_<)

OoOo and I love your music on here. You're a Miyazaki fan huh? Me too! Which one's your favorite? ;) I love Nausicaa and Mononoke-hime!

With Love, Elle said...

i luv crime series! im currently a big fan on criminal mind!

xoxo elle

Pop Champagne said...

I've been watching law and order for years and never really got sick of it. CSI on the other hand after 3 years I was -_-!

elledee said...

I love svu!