Sunday, February 28, 2010


China glaze: Summer Rain (My favorite Pink, I call it Hime Pink :) )
(the french tip is the Special Konad Pastel pink)

This was actually on V-Day, I know its a very late V-day post But who doesn't like pink!? =D
Im confident to say my Konading skills has been improving, but sadly, every time when I craft or just working on my hair flower accessories, the special glue that I use get stuck on my nail and ruin my nail designs :/ So my nails as of late has been naked and bare, oh well =P
Speaking about my blogshop, Today, 2/28/10 is the last day to buy anything in the shop and get free shipping to USA and Canada. I been trying to work something out with my mailing fees, so this Free shipping may last longer and a lower cost for International shipping, I'll update in the blogshop whenever I get that settle.


.riahlistic. said...

CUTE!! This gets me soO inspired to blow the dust of the 'ole konad kit and do some nail art myself. Good job!! =)

I really want to get the yellow headband BUT hubby cut me off after my spending spree on FEB. New month new budget hahah.. see you soon ;)

Serena said...

The hearts are so cute!! I'm still trying to get the hang of Konading. {*LOL} It's so hard. You were so right when you said others make it look easier than it seems. I don't think I'm doing the steps fast enough and the polish is drying before I even stamp it on my nail.

'chelle said...

This manicure is so adorable!! I love pink too hehe.

I still haven't found my favourite pink yet so thanks for naming your fave!

Is there any shimmer and how many coats did you need for your manicure?

tina said...

hey, I'll be in the cities this weekend. Not sure what I'm doing on saturday but pretty much nothing since Choua will be in Fargo. If you're not doing anything, do you want to hang out. I want to do some konading. lol Well, call me..i'll be leaving to the cities today.

Pop Champagne said...

sww your nails are lovely, I like the mini hearts a lot! Hope you have a great weekend!

Jessica C. said...

your nails are beautiful!
I love pink and I loved this combination =)

I really enjoyed your blog so I'm following!