Thursday, March 25, 2010

Strawberry Margarita

I rarely drink alcoholic beverages, but today Jamieson and I decided to make some Strawberry Margarita. I have become more of a wine person, I love any White Zinfindel, Cabernet Savignon and recently become so fond of white Merlot. I dont like red Merlot because of that dry bitter taste, I even tried to drink it while eating steak or at least red meat, it suppose to enhance the flavor of the meat but so far all I could taste is that dry bitter taste.

what is your favorite drink?


Calia Yang said...

I don't drink alcohol - very rarely will i do so. maybe once a year? LOL but anyway - coke...does that count? LOL i've had a virgin strawberry daquiri...but didn't taste very good. i think the place i got it at wasn't good at makin' it though.

tina said...

you know what...lately I've been only into drinking mix drink (with alcohol) only. I can't do straight up shots anymore or even beer. Man, i feel old. I haven't try wine yet but I don't like champagne so I guess I will never try wine either.

Pop Champagne said...

mm Margaritas are delicious. I love blue hawaii!! cuz it doesn't taste like alcohol at all :D so I guess all fruity drinks are good hehe

tina said...

oh hey mee, I contacted that one seller on ebay and he say that he doesn't sell it anymore but...I'll paste his respond...

Thank you for telling me what you need!
I'm so sorry to tell you that we can't provide you the clear picture because we send the 12sets for random.
But if you need we can send you the plates with hellokitty when you have a special tip after you pay for it .
And if you have any problems, please feel free to contact me. I?ll try my best to solve your problem.
Thanks and have a good day.

What does he mean by that..special paying him extra or something and how do I know how much so he will give it to me? I thought that was kind of dumb. What do you think?

Angelique said...

Oooh that margarita looks good ;p.

Hmmm I love wines too. I prefer whites, especially Rieslings that are slightly on the sweeter side.

tina said...

you know whats weird..that is the same seller I asked for the HK plate and respond back. Now I'm a little hesitate from buying from that seller. I will ask again..hahaha

Jonesy said...

mmmm that looks so good!!!
Great post. I really like your blog : ) I am a new follower.

Please check out my blog as well when you get a chance.

Serena said...

oooOoo I thought that Strawberry Margarita was from a restaurant. Looks so yummy. I've never been a margarita kind of person though.

I prefer wines recently over other alcoholic beverages too. I really like pinot noir. One of my favorites affordable bottles is Ménage à Trois.
But my favorite all time drink is probably still iced Matcha green tea.

BTW, thanks for the birthday wishes!! =]

<3 Serena.

Anonymous said...

OoOo that margarita looks yummy! :D

I'm not really partial to wine, but I love mixed drinks, like Midori Sours and pina coladas! :D

Thanks for letting me know about the Twitter pop-up. I didn't even know it kept doing that.

tina said...

you haven't post anything lately.. I like them both but the yellow more is just more outstanding..hehehe I do love it.

Oh I bought the top coat vite or whatever its name is but it just say vite and not sache vite or something like that. Is that the same thing? I haven't try it because I haven't painted my nail since my last time from you. :D