Thursday, February 4, 2010

GCOCL plates (not konad)

I remember watching FromHeadtoToe Hello Kitty Konad tutorial, And I fell in love with the Hello Kitty design. Apparently Konad doesn't make a plate with Hello kitty face on it, but this other Chinese brand call GCOCL (aka most nail guru calls em "Fauxnad" for fake konad)had it.

I went on ebay and found the plate that had Hello kitty under the search of "Nail art stamp" (there are tons of fake konad plates)

I order this set (see below)

Now all I have to say is, THESE PLATES are TOTALLY WORTH IT! especially 6 plates for under 10 bucks(including Shipping)!! C'mon, Konad charged 6.99 for each plate.

For the Konad plates, it took me 5-10 times(especially for a Konad Noob)to get the perfect image, unlike Konad, GCOCL It only took me about 1-2 times to stamp it till I had the perfect image! IT WAS THAT FREAKING EASY!!
The best thing about these plates is, IT EVEN WORKS ON YOUR OWN NAIL POLISH!! You don't need to buy those "Special" nail polish!
All of these came in about 2 weeks (item was from Hong Kong)

Don't get me wrong, but I like Konad and will continue buying em, but I just wish the infomercial didn't really exaggerate how easy it was, and explained to you that you will have to keep practicing in order to get the perfect image.

anyways excuse the crappy painting of the nails, but i was so excited to show y'all about my Hello Kitty nails xD!!!
(60 seconds Rimmel in 270 Shocker)

To get yours also Click here

here is another seller whom claims to sell the hello kitty plate


Aralka said...

hello kitty nails !
lovely <3

Anonymous said...

That looks so cute! Cheaper and works better, I would definitely buy it!

Pop Champagne said...

the nails are fab, yeah everything looks so easy and usable when they advertise it on TV, then when you buy it you find out that it doesn't work the way it should be! happy friday!

tina said...

ooh look cute..I want some now.

I need to find a way to help choua lose weight. I don't have a problem with me but choua need serious help. hahah Is the cream stuff you mention about expensive? I'm on a budget. Omg, don't ever buy a new car. hahaha

I wait til I get my paycheck then maybe I will buy some konad stamp. I been wanting for so long but I guess it wasn't a need but want. haha

Anonymous said...

Hi :-) If you want cheaper Konad use the code Xsparkage to save 30% at :-) I'm going to look at these generic plates as well thankyou!

Suzanna said...

Hey! Im a New follower! I love your blog, and your nails are TOO cute! Just showing some love on your page its beautiful!
come visit/follow my blog!
or we can tweet away!

XoXo, Suzanna!

priincess said...

those are such cutee hello kitty nails! <3