Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year, New hope

Long ago, darkness reigned over the night. People were afraid and remained inside their shelters from sundown untill sunrise. The goddess Selene saw their fear and gave light to their nocturnal world by driving her moon chariot across the starry sky. She followed her brother Helios, who rode the sun and caught his shining rays on her magnificent silver chariot, then cast them down to earth as moonbeams. She felt pride in the way the earthlings were comforted by her light. But one night when she abandoned her chariot to walk upon the earth, she noticed that in times of trouble many people lost all hope. Their despair bewildered her. After considering their plight, she knew how she could make her moon the greatest gift from the gods. From then on she drove around the earth and each night caught her brothers rays from a different angle. This way the face of the moon was ever changing. People watched the the moon decrease in light every night until it could no longer be seen from earth. Then after three nights of darkness, a crescent silver returned and the moon increased in light untill it was fully illuminated as before. Selene did this to remind people that their darkest times can lead to the brightest. The ancients understood Selene's gift in the lunar phases. Each night when they gazed at the moon, they knew Selene was telling them to never give up hope.
-? (not by me)


Calia Yang said...

sent you something today - hope you like it! nothing much - just a thank you gift! ^_~ btw - that picture is total uberness!! i love it!

HD said...

Wow, that's awesome. Didn't know the moon was actually a flying goddess. Cool