Saturday, January 9, 2010

Love mail and My Shop Stuff

The other day, I went to check the mail, and was surprise to see a box from Daituf.

I wasn't expecting Daituf's gift early, =P because I keep thinking she is still in Canada but apparently she was enjoying the windy city Illinois. =P.

anyways she sent me some of her favorite things:

Yves Rocher Lipo Phenol body refining exfoliator (supposely it helps slim the body or where you exfoliate) thunder thighs, and muffin top be gone xP
I wonder if anyone ever tried this before?

Red Earth Mascara color black. (I never heard of this brand, Because I'm still a noob to the makeup world :3 ) I needed a new mascara <3

Round metal and seashell necklace (I tried it on my summer dress, looks great with it) what do you usually pair these kind of necklace with?

Cute penguin charm made of beads (at first I thought it was a birdy =P untill Daituf said it was a penguin)

DKNY perfume in Be Delicious (green apple) .24 fl oz. What is so funny is, her 2nd favorite perfume is also part of my perfume collection =P!! see... it looks like my perfume gave birth! It shows we got good sense of smell Daituf even Bratty Princess agrees! high five to that

oh and of course the lovely green bag which had the necklace in it =P that is still consider a gift lol.
=D Thanks so much Daituf her blog, well your missing out xP

On to my shop ~~~
I finally manage to get my clickable banner going (on the side panel) =O and I added some things to my shop, not much but I'll need your support ladies <3 :) much obliged <3

here is one of the item

2 cute pinkish sakura flower on a headband $8

and this is how it looks like on my head, but I am positive it would look more Cute on your head !!


Daituf said...

You already have the DKNY perfume??? Oh well, at least I know you like it :)
This can be your travel version then!
I think the necklace is very summery... would probably look nice with a summer dress and a... straw hat? Haha...
Wow! You look so good with that headband!!! So talented! Do you make the flowers yourself too? If so, that's pretty incredible...

Calia Yang said...

OOH!!! love the goodies from daituf!!!!

super cute headbands!!! love them - i super love those flowers!

Anonymous said...

Omg! I love that headband, you're so talented :)

tina said...

I haven't learned to make General Tso yet but I'm getting there...hahaha

I will text you my addy again. Last time I couldn't call you because Choua was using my phone and when he was done it was like midnight or something.

nice headband..I love the pickish flower one....

I'll check the lakorn out. I only like to watch those that the people are rich so I can see how their style is like and be inspired by it. hahaha

Pop Champagne said...

cute hair accessories! And the penguin keychain is adorable :D

e.motion in motion said...

Cboxed you, thanks sooo much!! Ohh I have a penguin like that hehe :D Btw, your skin is flawlesss!!!<3

Calia Yang said...

yes - what you have - the window with the code in it. HAHAHAH i'm NOT as techie as i thought i was! BWAHAHAHAHAH if you can help a sister out - i'd really appreciate it! LOL i'm so southern!! anywho's - how are you? hope you're well!! *hugs*

Calia Yang said...

hey girl!! i tagged ya on my blog. gosh i commented 3 times on this one post - LOL i feel like a stalker now! *hugs* next time i'll send you a letter with magazine cutouts LOL jk *creepy*

audrey said...

i really love the headband, so beautiful :)

'chelle said...

I just stumbled across your blog and kinda wish i hadn't because now I want all the hair accessories you make! The headband is so beautiful =)