Thursday, January 28, 2010


Ever since I found out about Konad, I thought it was the coolest and easiest thing ever!!! untill...
when I finally got the items...

First I bought the plates, scraper,stamp and the plate holder...
I thought using my own nail polish will do the job... but man... I have to say it was a painful trial and error!!!!! I finally gave in and bought their "Special" Polishes...

(Plate M3,M19,S9)

The stamper finally sucked up the nail polish BUT many times it would suck up HALF of the image!!! ITS SO FRUSTRATING!!!... Its not as easy as it looked in the infomercial inYoutube!!! boo =( anyways as you can see, some of the images still look crappy... I guess practice makes perfect right?

China Glaze: China Rouge and the White special Konad nail polish

*Swabs will be your BFF while doing this, Also keep nail polish remover nearby to dip 'em.

*patience is a virtue =P


e.motion in motion said...

Auughh, I have tried and failed so many times with konad!! So it's just sitting in my drawer! I wish I knew how to do it better :(

Btw, I have your panda sculpted and baked! So all that's left is paint and glaze =) Sorry I'm taking so long >< What color cellphone strap do you want? (:

Anonymous said...

That looks so cool! Isn't it tricky doing your other hand?

susies1955 said...

You did a good job. :) Practice does help a lot.
It helps if you are right handed to paint that one first and then do the left. I don't know why but it helps.
Do you have the Konad top coat? That is the best and never go over the same spot twice with the top coat. It will make it smear and when you put it on put it on thick and don't touch the brush to the actual nail. You kind of hover over the nail to place the top coat and it won't smear.
Here are some youtube videos and tutorials to help you out. I'll be following your blog to see how you are doing.
Here are some websites with tips on Konad:
and again here is the list of polishes that has been reported as working with Konad:
Konad you tubers:
I love this one too:
Here too:
Susie in northern NY

Calia Yang said...

I've been wanting to buy some too!!! i guess i'll wait til life settles down before getting some.

You did great for a first timer. i know if it was me - it'd be TERRIBLE lookin'!

Daituf said...

That is So. Very. Cool!
All that trouble was worth it then! You got beautiful nails!
I would never have the patience for it... plus I chew my nails like crazy. No nail art for me :(
Oh well, saves me money...

tina said...

oh you brought some konad nail...I been wanting some too but just never bother to buy it. I guess now I can come over and try yours. hahaha what website did you buy from?

xbbkay said...

your nails look so pretty! konads great when you get to hang of using it. it was just as fustrating for me the first time as well!