Friday, October 2, 2009

Alot of money, and nothing to buy..

In the last couple of days or shall I say months, I been feeling like, "I Should buy something" but then I get that feeling as if, I have nothing in mind that I want =/
so I have been saving alot of money, but I REALLY REALLY WANT TO SPEND IT ON SOMETHING! but the problem is I dont know what I want to buy???
I've been feeling as if I've bought everything that I already wanted.

Cosmectics: When ever I go to Ulta,MAC,Sephora even drugstores too, I see a bunch of awesome makeup, but then I start feeling, Why do I want to buy more when I hardly even used up the ones at home. I should do a giveaway...

Clothes Shopping; I lost 10 lbs so far and I do find alot of cute clothes but then I feel like, blah, I have no special place to go with this outfit, because my schedule consist of work, school, and sleep. and When I do go out, I feel OVERLY DRESS O_o and feel like people eyeballing me and thinking "why is she so dress up? why is she dress up as if she is going to a concert?"

Shoes: I love shoes, but i guess as you get older, Comfort becomes more of your style such as tennishoes. I love heels, but this goes back to the 'no where to wear it to' so my heels collect dust, maybe I should sell em on ebay, they are still in great condition, but then I know I will miss em when they are gone.

Purses: Purses, I love em, but I have been feeling lazy to change over to a new purses, such as, If I had bought that cute small Gucci purse, then my cell phone wont fit, or I have to leave my makeup bag/planner at home. I also have a tendency to feel I should worn out the purse then buy a new one.

Electronics: I also love video games, Jamieson and I already own PS1,PS3, Xbox360, Wii, 4NDS, and 2 hd tv. (sigh) Im thinking about buying a PSP but I love my NDS, I love the touch screen, I like to poke at the screen and draw, So I know for a fact I'll neglect the PSP. and also I dont want to get absorb into a video game. im fine with my laptop, and my computer desk.

oh well, I guess I'll just save up for whenever I see a Sale or when ever i get that feeling of "I REALLY REALLY WANT THAT!!!!"


tina said...

hi mee, you really cover everything for me. lol At least you have a lot of money saved up. I need money hahah.

HD said...

Go buy a rocket launcher. Start mayhem!

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