Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pink Purplish E.S

I was so bored at home, that I decided to try out a purplish pink look.

The contacts i had on was ColourVUE big eye cool blue (click here to go get yours too)

All I used was

UDPP (primer)
MAC pp Ochre (base)
Revlon Illuminance Wild Orchids (all light colored ones)
Manly 120 pallette (see below photo for the ones I had picked)
Avon uplifting mascara


I lightly threw these on my face

Revlon golden affair Merlot (cheekbones)
loreal hip bronzing (below the cheekbones)
MARK candy stripes coloris bonsbons (lipgloss)

Anyways as you can see my eyebrows are still bushy, im trying to grow them out so i can try this out

Ardell Brow Stencils

I wonder which one I should do?


BlushingChong said...

did you get the stencils at sallys? i've looked at walgreens, walmart and target...but haven't gotten a chance to stop by a sallys...cause i def need help with my brows...