Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NOTW: Tiffany and Co inspired

China Glaze: For Audrey
Konad Plate: M3(Ribbon)

The Nail of the Week was inspired by Tiffany and Co box design.
I went to Sally's the other day and was looking for a Baby blue color but instead I found this Tiffany color one, its called For Audrey. I would assume China Glaze dedicated this Color to Audrey Hepburn thus in movie Breakfast at Tiffany.
Have a great lovely day everyone <3

Monday, November 1, 2010

Scary Movies.

I hope everyone had a safe, fun Halloween!? Now that Halloween is over, did anyone watch any scary movies? What is your all time favorite Scary movies? or genres?

I have this fascination with apocalyptic movies, such as Zombie movies, One of my favorite is that Dawn of the Dead, 28 days and 28 days later.
I guess I find Zombies creepy compared to a suited monster, and the thought of "end of the world" theme. I wouldn't know what to do!?
If there was a Zombie virus going around, I just hope my Panic room will be built by then and full of good food and water. lol