Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stunning outfits (Polyvore)

absolutly Looove the outfit and the shooes! Im so tempted to buy em =(

Ocean Breeze Glass Vases
$99 -

Tubes Femmes
More clothing »

Butterfly graphics

Tiny Blue Flowers


blue border/background

Landscapes - Page 29


tubes bateaux - Page 2

Fancy Diamonds by Chard

tubes paysages - Page 16


Blue shine

Python sandal with bells
805 GBP -
More sandals »

lip stick

city lights


Jelly Bean Jane HomePage

Pink Butterfly


Anonymous said...

love the blue and pink set up <3
so gorgeous !!

Calia Yang said...

OOH!!! I like it!!!! I love love love that blue one too!!! the pink one not so much...just not my style i guess. that black one is nice too.

glad to see a post from you. ^_^ Missed you!

and I am so glad I'm not the only one that's been on a creative and blogging hiatus. hehehe

~Lisa said...

Ooh! I love how coordinated each outfit is! They're so pretty!

Pop Champagne said...

oh so princess like! I like the black lacy one in the middle the most I think!

tina said...

these are so cute but can be costly too. Are they for Halloween? hehe

Calia Yang said...

oh I didn't know you made bentos for that long!! girl give me some tips!!! I might start posting pictures (only the pretty ones) LOL hahahahah

Thanks for always thinking about me when you see scrapbooking stuff!! heheh

Calia Yang said...

THAT'S WHAT I ORDERED!! The steak bowl!! eheheh it was really good!

Blogger said...

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