Monday, May 17, 2010

NOTW (Nail of the week) Hot pink with black flowers

Sorry for the late post, but I've been busy moving to our new apt. Jamieson and I finally upgraded to a 2 BR apt, we got too much stuff and he finally has his own video game room.
I will be posting my 100th giveaway soon, so keep checking back =) In the moment, I have free shipping to USA + Canada for month of May in my blogshop

NOTE: The pink is not as soft in person, Its Bright Neon Pink
China Glaze: Pink Voltage (neon), Black Konad special polish
Plate: Unknown plate but marked M50


Susie said...

VERY pretty. Love that color combo.

Angelique said...

Love it!! Sooo pretty <3

I love bright neon colors! So perfect for summer

Unknown said...

So does this mean you have a "nail polish" room? :)

serenadeveryday said...

I know this is kind of late but... congrats at the upgraded apartment!! Must be nice to have more space. =]

That's cool that your bf has his own game room now. {*LOL} I remember I wanted one as a kid. I don't think I play enough games now to want a game room. I used to play Counter Strike and I wanted my dad to connect all our old unused computers in the garage so I could play with all my friends. NERD!

Loving the nail art!!! I really like that design. Which plate is it from?

<3s Serena.

noone said...

cute nail stencils you got, I think the pink is nice, I love neon nail polish for some reason hehe

The Beauty Bargainista said...

I love the hot pink and black together! very beautiful!!